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It introduced the many green features on campus including the distinctive online platforms and activities and connected the new blood with sustainability on campus. The University is seeking effective solutions and opportunities to involve its staff and students to share ideas, best practices, and works on sustainability. Much work has occurred to accelerate progress in sustainable development on campus. Through activities, education, and programs, PolyU tries to engage its community to understand how they can help themselves and the planet, who will then become the agents of change. The University believes that by encouraging one’s commitment to change, it can funfair coin review create motivational influence in those they interact with on a daily basis – family members, fellow classmates, colleagues, and friends. Their combined efforts will contribute significantly to the achievement of a sustainable and ‘green’ society. The University factors sustainable principles and measures into workplace operations by launching the campus-wide Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme. It not only looks at developing appropriate environmental practices and recommendations to greening the workplace. This well-tailored programme features regular training sessions, workshops, assessments, awards, and opportunities for dialogues and discussion.
“We set a dramatic scaling up of these commonly-seen plastics which will excite viewers to get a quick grasp on their forms. We had a color palette that sharply contrasts, creating a vibrant and playful design. With views sought from the public, the Council plans to make recommendations to the Government by the end of this year. Regional forums, a youth forum, school activities, and briefing sessions will be held according in the coming three months to collect feedback from members of the public.
This material is Takachiho’s highest-quality shirasu-based interior-wall plaster product. It offers a wide range of benefits such as outstanding deodorizing and humidity-conditioning. It helps to constitute a comfortable and cozy indoor living environment with its ability to purify indoor air. During the workshop, participants were able to grasp practical tips and techniques for applying this eco material with hands-on experience. The seminar introduced the proposed MSW charging scheme and a Waste Reduction Guidebook for large scale event organizers to all attending participants. PolyU’s current waste and recyclables management practices and generation rate were explored. Success cases in organizing green events were shared, and participants were encouraged to implement waste reduction best practices when organizing events and activities across different scales. A seminar on bringing a waste-less culture on campus and moving towards the effective use of resources at campus events and activities was held on 25 March 2019 under the Green PolyU Awards – Green Office programme Phase 3.
funfair coin review
More waste reduction related collaborations are expected between the universities and EPD. At the public forum, keynote speakers shared their insights in tackling the challenges of ageing of population and buildings, applying smart city technologies and planning for outdoor spaces and buildings to cope with the ageing population. On 4 October 2018, PolyU and the LUI Che Woo Prize co-hosted the Welfare Betterment Prize Laureate Public Lecture entitled “Towards a Weather and Climate Resilient World” on campus. Representing the World Meteorological Organization which is the winner of the 2018 Welfare Betterment Prize, Prof. Petteri Taalas, WMO Secretary-General shared the impact of the climate change to around 300 guests. He also discussed the importance of strengthening early warning systems and creating user-friendly climate services, in order to foster a collaborative network of resilience against natural disaster-related loss of life and economic damage. funfair coin review On 19 October 2018, a launch ceremony was held on campus to kick-start the University Social Responsibility Month followed by a series of fair-trade coffee workshops to spread the USR idea. Trendy picture cards designed by the local artist So Real Real were mounted on upcycled materials to illustrate various sustainable tips and practices in our daily lives. Topics such as consuming fish with AFCD certification and procurement of sustainable resources were explored in a funny and lively way to impress the University community about making wise choices and consuming sustainable biological resources. But in the eyes of PolyU’s students and representatives from the Japanese brand poRiff, waste is something precious and can be turned into new products with impressive values and functions. The School of Design and poRiff co-presented the ‘Collage Again Material Exhibition’ in October 2018 and fully demonstrated how to handle waste in a better way.
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funfair coin review
Meanwhile, the institute set up for research in areas related to smart and sustainable energy will advance the University’s interdisciplinary strength with a focus on sustainable energy conversion, storage, and utilization. The Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum has a floor area of 2,560 square meters with two permanent exhibitions displaying a number of precious historical artifacts. A group of School of Design students upcycled some 50-year-old rosewood chairs into six museum benches that fit harmoniously into the museum environment, being part of the museum’s ‘Seek See Sit! The rosewood chairs were collected from an 80-year-old Chinese restaurant that has already closed down. Visitors at the museum can then understand history with a new and interesting perspective through these antique seats. They had some productive conversation and exchanged views on the benefits of WEEE recycling. The programme staged a training seminar to examine ‘green building’ on 25 July 2018 and investigated into the linkages between the working environments and the employees’ health conditions. The first stage of Plastic-Free Takeaway, Use Reusable Tableware campaign was successfully concluded in January 2019. It was a two-month pilot programme at three major fast food chains in Hong Kong. More than 1.2 million stickers were distributed to takeaway customers during the campaign.

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A team of mechanical engineering students won the Gold Award at the ASM Technology Award 2019 with their innovative garbage-collecting robot design. The robot is semi-automated with a unique gripper design for garbage collection with the aid of vision-based alignment. It was developed with design inspiration from studying real-life tools such as robotic arms, forklift, and dump cart. The project demonstrates the potential of transforming the robot for use in real life. The Silicon Valley International Invention Festival was held in the United States from 24 to 26 June 2019. On 23 September 2019, our funfair coin review Green Officers visited the St James’ Settlement Jockey Club Upcycling Centre and picked up different upcycling ideas and how to associate them with sustainability lifestyles. Apart from the Communal Student Canteen (文康學生飯堂) (3/F, Communal Building), the GreenCoin users can earn Coins and use HK$3 dine-in e-coupon in the Communal Student Restaurant (茶樓) (4/F, Communal Building) as well, starting from September 2019. A contest allows you to open your design brief to our global community of creative designers. Designers submit concepts based on your needs and you pick your favorite as the winner.
funfair coin review
Members of the public also redeemed 86,000 sets of reusable stainless steel cutlery. The campaign has enhanced the public’s understanding of the importance of going plastic-free, and promoted behavioral changes to foster a green lifestyle by providing suitable incentives. PolyU was again recognized as the Caring Organization under the Caring Company Scheme for the fifth year in a row. It recognizes the University’s efforts in cultivating corporate social responsibility, such as supporting volunteering services, caring for the employees to ensure their well-being, caring for the environment and promoting environmental protection. The Material Resource Centre hosted an interesting talk and workshop on 26 February 2019 to equip artists and designers with the latest trends of eco materials.

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All transactions on the FunFair platform are tokenized utilizing FUN, which is placed in cold storage after being paid to the community. Funfair has a couple of crypto-based opponents however with the popularity and sheer size of the market, it ought to discover a home. If Funfair can overcome the market domination of current incumbents utilizing traditional expertise, blockchain based casino video games might become the new trade normal. FunFair isn’t a on line casino operator itself; as an alternative it licenses its expertise and video games to on line casino operators. This utilization also extends to recreation makers and associates, who’re all paid in FUN tokens. Speed of play has always been a factor that saved blockchain expertise from being helpful in on line casino play, but FunFair cracked the speed code for on-line on line casino gaming on a blockchain.
Catering outlets on campus offer their support to facilitating a green and healthy diet for the University community and are providing more veggie-based foods and dishes on campus. You can now check from the Green Concepts websiteand learn about where to find the veggie-based meals on campus. PolyU also sees the need to connect the University community with the society at large on issues of sustainability. The world is facing a plastic pollution problem, and the University believes it holds a strong responsibility to drive awareness and action toward this global crisis. It has been campaigning a dedicated Plastic Free Fridaymovement since May 2018, aiming to convince the University community to reflect on their daily habits. Plastics, in all forms – straws, bottles, packaging, cutleries, bags, and lunchboxes – are threatening the planet. The University, therefore, invites all staff and students to pledge to skip plastics for at least one day in a week and to reflect on how single-use plastics bring convenience and disastrous consequences at the same time. Various offices on campus have joined hands in organizing engagement activities to promote this to everyone on campus through movie screening, sharing sessions, and seminars. PolyU also partners with other local universities and concerned groups in the society in joint projects targeting to cut back on plastic straws. Being the first of its kind among local tertiary institutions, PolyU’sGreenCoinhas excited the University community with the opportunities that they can enjoy self-benefitting incentives to reward their sustainable habits on campus.

  • He got here to the FunFair enterprise with an extensive background in gaming and on-line playing that stretches again to 1982, as well as a extra trendy appreciation and expertise in cryptocurrency circles.
  • The University announced in April 2018 its target to reduce paper consumption by an overall 10% in financial year 2017/18, focusing on office-use printing paper.
  • For starters, it’s the first desktop wallet that offers full compatibility with ShapeShift – a popular instant cryptocurrency exchange supporting dozens of tokens.
  • FunFair was primarily based funfair coin evaluation by Jez San and he remains on the helm of the venture as its CEO.
  • Speed of play has always been a factor that saved blockchain expertise from being helpful in on line casino play, but FunFair cracked the speed code for on-line on line casino gaming on a blockchain.
  • This utilization also extends to recreation makers and associates, who’re all paid in FUN tokens.

By deploying a group policy on all AD connected computers of the departments and offices, the computer screens will be turned off automatically after 30 minutes of idle time . When a movement of the mouse/keyboard is detected, the screen will ‘wake up’ within 1-3 second. In support of the University’s Energy Saving Campaign, an arrangement can now be made by the Information Technology Services Office to automate the process on all AD connected computers. Turn off computer screen when not in use is a common office energy saving practice. However, colleagues often forget to do so when they go out for meeting, lunch or leave the office at the end of the day. Some local charities and environmental groups, drink producers, bottlers, recyclers, and retailers, agreed to join hands to raise the recovery rate of single-use bottles and containers in the city. Together they formed a new coalition named the Single-use Beverage Packaging Working Group and pledged to support this initiative with new strategies and measures. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department organized the Hong Kong Biodiversity Festival 2018 to promote the rich biodiversity of Hong Kong. It offered more than 100 fun-filled activities from October to December 2018 under the theme ‘City within Nature’.

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Homantin Hall has introduced a new initiative to further deepen sustainability concepts. Its Green Hall, in collaboration with the Campus Sustainability Office, has initiated a food waste collection program in April 2019. As a trial run, a food waste collection bin and a sieve are placed near the pantry sink in the Central Student Lounge of each hall (on 3/F, 8/F, 10/F, 15/F, 17/F, 22/F) for residents to put their food waste in. In turn, the food waste collected will be recycled into useful feed and fertilizers.