Activation of installment does occur following the purchase quantity will be debited through the card account

Activation of installment does occur following the purchase quantity will be debited through the card account

• should you not want to receive SMS by having a proposition installment in the card, to deactivate mailing deliver code 01 brief quantity 3530. • If you’d like to re enable giving SMS with offer installment from the card, to activate mailing deliver code 02 quick number 3530.

When the installments, the lender will straight away deliver the consumer an SMS message in regards to the registration that is successful of by installments.

For the prompt transfer regarding the purchase in installments (towards the calculating that is nearest the minimal payment therefore the level of the elegance duration without respect to the quantity of the acquisition) suggest to deliver an SMS with verification of payment by installments not later on than one day before pay check for the bank card.

The Installment is activated after the given information had been gotten through the vendor therefore the purchase quantity is debited through the card account. Beneath the installment is activated into the payment duration, that was debited to buy account.

In case as soon as the Consumer came back to the shop the products, owner comes back the cash when it comes to products in the card. At the same time frame, to shut the installment, the client has to the net service My Alfa-Bank within the area “Installment” to start transferring of the amount refunded through the seller, in the closing installments.

If the customer desires beforehand (fully or partially) to close the installments, likewise, should websites My Alfa-Bank within the part “Installment” to initiate a repayment that is full of installment.

In the event of partial early payment, the total amount owed in the installment will probably be moved by the Bank components with a reduction in the definition of of utilizing the credit. It’s the stability owed regarding the installment split by the number of the payment per month that had been determined whenever you activate the installment plan, hence determining the quantity of time required for the entire payment for the financial obligation in installments.

The lender may reject making the installments by charge card for the following reasons:

• Text through the customer received with unknown telephone numbers. After all of the installments SMS must be provided for your client in their space, which Pref’associated with bank card and which Bank napravlen SMS offer• Over the length for the offer of installments for the purchase (offer legitimate two weeks from date of purchase)• Credit card inactive/blocked/there is credit card debt that is overdue

The Installment is given within the level of 500 UAH. And just for the quantity of purchase that will be totally or partially compensated at the cost of the borrowing limit regarding the card.

Term installment: 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, two years

Month-to-month charge regarding the number of the installments of 1.8percent when it comes to duration from 3 to two years

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Installments won’t be released: